Palesa Mokone aka Misspetal

Contortionist | Model | Influencer

Petal palesa Mokone she’s a 24 years old self tought contortionist, Dancer and a Student from Bushbuckridge Mpumalanga.

She started Dancing when she was 8 and finally realized she can bend in Both possible and impossible ways. That’s where she realized she can do Contortion.( Contortionist is a world of art where you can bend your body in both possible and impossible ways)

Petal Draws Inspiration from a Switzerland lady called Nina Burri and Soffie Dossie from USA

Petal Inspired Lot of People from social media, and she is teaching young Children on how to do Contortion in her home tawn

Petal Says,” Being a Contortionist is not Easily but Through Hard work and dedication You will succeed..